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Stop buying anything in plastic


  • Why- It’s destroying the world through convenience and consumption. 70% of the US landmass is given to meat production- land that once sequestered carbon and species in forests, wetlands, and grasslands. All our destructive dam projects are related to agriculture. We end up with companies that capitalize on the extractive economy to degrade the planet for DEPENDENT humans. Degradation comes to you wrapped in a plastic bag. You can see the infrastructure you support for climate change in your garbage bin daily

  • How- What I've done to set an example for less plastic usage:. 

  1. Eat a lot less meat especially beaf. 
  2. Get my vegetables from my farmers market in plastic bags I've recycled. 
  3. Reduce the size of my garbage bill and bin to the smallest available.. 
  4. Learned how to compost and grow some of my food.
  5. Still to do:  Worked with county to get our scavenger to increase the tipping fee at our landfill.
  6. Get my meat from a farmer or butcher I know who practices rotational grazing..
  7. Learn how to keep chickens and hydroponics.

  • What- Plastic is choking the oceans and animals. Our kidneys are full of plastic. Only the 90 companies destroying the planet are doing well. Some of them are on board. Plastics, even recycling, are a problem that will outlive humans.

Overcome our addiction to speed

Overcome the addiction to speed

Allow the habitation pattern to live-ably accommodate our needs so that we can leave half the planet (E.O.Wilson)  to other species and their ecological services. 

Half earth

Yellowstone- the story of a river valley writ big on the landscape

Visit Yellowstone- it's the story of a river writ big on the landscape.  I biked there in '89. Beavers offer the opportunity to reclaim ancestral land forms from climate change. https://www.hcn.org/issues/50.15/wildlife-how-beavers-make-the-desert-bloom

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